Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I cannot talk fast enough

I am beaming. So, apology is coming at the beginning rather than the end.

This week started on a funny note-- missed connection on craigslist. They are total head-scratchers.
To the blond girl with glasses wearing a black and white striped shirt, enjoying the surly bender at the mates of state show last night - seen you around town a few times. Just wanted to write and tell you you're beautiful. Just... yeah. See you around, hopefully.

Part of me had an entirely cynical response. The other part found it endearing and felt hopeful for people. Why? I don't know.

Today, I showed up for work with little work to do. On my break I stopped at Kowalski's for Kombucha and Walgreens for Skor/Sour Patch Kids. I have a steady, healthy diet. I soon realized that my road trip to Oakland/San Francisco is sooner than I think and should look for stuff to do. Done. Within three minutes I found two things: Camera Obscura on the eighth of June and Neko Case on the ninth.

So as if my brain were not already full up, while driving on Franklin, (Neko Case and sunglasses on) and kept jumping back and forth between thoughts. And then, I may have run a stoplight. I say may because there were extenuating circumstances. So then my mind reversed and questioned if I did in fact run a light or not. This story to be continued.