Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happenings and

And then and then.

Things happen and things move and spaces change and people change and

Then nothing ever changes.

Three year cycle is the course I'm choosing to take.

I should really look into baking as a something. I already do it as a hobby actively. Breads, buckles, cookies, cupcakes are my zen therapy. That makes me want to puke, the saying that, that is. I'm like a true Martha fucking Stewart. Congratulations.

There is something about three years which allows my reset to reset--into place, into motion, into time. Three years ago, I had quit smoking, had lost someone dear, had gone through a wicked split and resurfaced with moments of clarity balanced with moments of sheer floundering.

We are people. We are living breathing organisms that feel things, like it or not. And then sometimes we document these things we see and feel to remind us that we are alive.

A new woman was born into my family yesterday, and somehow, some part of my being feels underwhelmed but also terribly hopeful that she can and will become an amazingly beautiful, driven and independent woman--if even a fraction like the one I, we, lost this year, then we will be in wonderful shape.

Also, there is a person, there are people I, we, meet that make us really feel alive.