Friday, February 20, 2009

To a wonderful pooch.

Off to a better place where amazing dogs go.

And if the movie I watched as a little kid is right, he's going to heaven.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

your hand is right in front of me

Almost two years has passed since I last saw a particular movie. I'd like to think that I am over my phase of terrible movie watching. I will not, however, lie to myself. I will always watch terrible movies.

That said. A quote came to mind today.


Really, it kind of baffles me that I liked Buffalo '66 so much for so long. I also really liked Empire Records a lot for a long time. I think this is for a few reasons:

A. I had this dream of working in a record store
B. '90's stupid teen counter-culture film
C. Ethan Embry
D. Rex Manning
E. Liv Tyler's horrible acting and how she always looks like she is on the verge of crying.
F. Young Renee Zellweger also always looking as if on the verge of crying
G. A crush on AJ. He was a dreamer.

oh, and H. The angsty young Robin Tunney who ended up being the model for Built By Wendy
to this:

So all of those reasons, but I still identify how annoying and terrible it is/was.

Shitty films aside.

I have a lot to say right now but have been unable to talk about it. Whatever. My palms are sweating. And I have a boatload of new music that has been taking over my life.

And that concludes a nowhere post.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I ran out of funny stories a long time ago.

I keep having strange interactions.

Perhaps it is because I have been working and writing an absurd amount of hours per week, thus incapacitating me and going extended periods of time without real social interaction.

Whatever. I think i should just chalk it up to nothing.

Even though I am over-worked, I am spoiling myself this week. Blitzen Trapper Wednesday night. Yes.

And!!! I get to go on an airplane in less than two weeks. And get the hell out of dodge for three days.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I promise I have not forgotten about you. Not yet.
It would take a lot more than one week.
But I have a feeling that some day, I will.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

something witty.

oh, the burdens.
the future.

Wednesdays do this to me.

And no, it's not okay, I don't understand, today. You say, piss off, you created that title, and I say, Yes, I did, but today I don't want to listen, and No, I do not have the answers.

I made a list with my friend Kayla, and I think perhaps, we will be each others saving grace.

There is this problem I have, where I forget to live in the present. Some call it a visionary, constantly striving towards new thoughts and ideals. Yet I call it impractical.

This goes for everything in my life. Even others have turned me into this visionary. Instead of focusing on what I need to do now, I dream of what I could be doing in my future life.

Today, for instance, I came back from my lunch break. As I rounded the corner up the stairs, I literally ran (almost) into (one of) my favorite people ever. Cary Waterman. In the flesh. She's my writing mentor who has no idea that she is my writing mentor, who I am unabashedly in love with, yet she will never know just how fond of her I am. She smiled and said, No way, I was just thinking of you two seconds ago when I saw this woman in a skirt and thought, That is going to be Emily in two years, and there you are now!

We then talked about my internship and life and how excited she was to be seeing book/arts.

Getting back to my original point though, she brought up Emily in two years. Not me now. Or even in a few days for that matter. It seems everyone has these illusions of grandeur for me, including myself, but I cannot seem to put my shoes on the right feet, let alone tie them right now.

So basically, as it stands, I feel like I am all talk and little (to no) action.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Here I am, Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm yours)


So much, so little time. It's been far too long since I sat. Let alone written in this beast.

After I ran errands this morning for the coffee shop, I sat at the bar with a friend and read our horoscopes aloud. His were conveluded and made no sense - He is Aries/Pisces - and mine was spot on, as per usual. We collectively decided that the Libra horoscopes may as well be personally addressed to me.

I cannot recall this weekend vividly - I worked the entire time and did some sleeping.

One thing I have done, however, is keep up with my weekly task of purchasing a new record. Two weeks ago was Andrew Bird's new one "Noble Beast" which, similar to his other records, is a nice cohesive unit with three/four standout songs.

Last week I purchased the Bon Iver's 4-song "Blood Bank." Sound wise, it is not unlike "For Emma, Forever Ago." Blood Bank and the other two songs at the beginning are great, however, the last song could really have been omitted. Hello autotune/vocal bending. It is as if Bon Iver had a love affair with Imogen Heap and things went terribly wrong.

As for this week, I am unsure what I will get. Part of me wants to re-purchase "Pet Sounds" because I lost my copy. But perhaps I will take a week or two off and wait for the new Neko Case and Beirut.

I'm boring.