Friday, July 8, 2011


Today is going to be a good day. This went through my head as I locked my front door this morning.

So far today has been a peach day. Today is a peach.

Without realizing it, I had peach yogurt for breakfast, and purchased peach iced tea over break.

Today is indeed a peach.

It should be noted that I just wrote one of the most embarrassing e-mails of my life. And I have written hundreds of self-exposing, ridiculous ones in the past. And this time, I wasn't even drunk. Come to think of it, even saying the reason I wrote the e-mail is a bit shameful. Ready? To (essentially) beg (my ex-boyfriend's) [a] blog to give me tickets for a show Sunday night. I'm not entirely sure what is the worst part of this equation. Is it the fact that I cannot afford to fork over $20 to see a band I have loved for over a decade? The fact that I just spent a half hour carefully crafting an essay about just how much I adore a particular record by this band? Or that I just spelled out and e-mailed a fact that my ex-boyfriend already knows, and still abided by the formality of entering for this contest?

Shit is getting real.

In penning that exposing email I realized how coincidental my life is. Certain songs they get so scratched in to our souls.

And then they come back around, like clockwork, and reappear from other sources. I still cannot believe that song is one of your favorites. It entirely makes sense, sure, because it is apropos and sums up the story of your life, but I am not quite sure if you realize it, and if you do, I don't think you should...

[come tomorrow i'll be on my way back home/in the morning call from a roadside telephone / one night doesn't mean the rest of my life...last night everything was right and the rain was gone / one summer night's the only time we've known, so shut your eyes, when you wake up I'll be gone]

And thinking about this band/writing about this band has turned me into a fifteen year old again in 3...2...1...


Today I am a peach. I am so terribly excited to see THE FUTURE tonight. It has been far too long since I have been to the Walker, let alone been this thrilled about an event. Hopefully something entirely strange happens. There is no doubt in my mind it will - nearly every time, every day spent there brought forth something unexpected. Miranda July, give me all you got.